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Dee Owen$ gets to the Point with “Ca$h Talk”

If you love the combination of music and fashion, then you need to tap into Dee Owen$. He's a hard working artist and brand owner. He's been working with other talented individuals like his producer Jude Jenkins and engineer sam to better his music. A great example of his improvement so far is his latest track release "Ca$h Talk".

The whole track in general is just about his flexes and what he keeps his mind on which is the money. That's why it's called "Ca$h Talk". Some people only want to focus on opportunities that can benefit them and their circle and that's the type of guy Dee Owens is. Always looking to live the fast life but the best life. He really goes all out in terms of energy and lyrics. He seems to go harder the more he spits during the track giving it that increasing hype throughout. This is that type of improvement he's focusing on. Being able to feel you put 100% into your work is a satisfying feeling and something most artists should strive for.

Along with his producer Jude Jenkins and his engineer sam, Dee Owen$ plans on forming a powerful collective with more members. He wants the opportunity to share his improvements with other like minded individuals and what better way than to form a collective. With this in mind you can tell he has big plans for his future and music career. Be sure to tap in with "Ca$h Talk" and more of his discography to follow along his journey.


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