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Have you Heard Therealxx3’s Project “Way2up”?

I've previously wrote about Therealxx3 and his sound, but now I'm here to dig in more depth and talk about his project "Way2up". He recently dropped it on Nov. 25 and contains 4 jam-packed tracks. It's got a listening time of about 12 minutes so let's get into this quick rundown.

First off, if you're a fan of Yeat or Lunchbox then I definitely found a new artist for you to be a fan of. The first track starts off with an iconic bell sound and a great buildup of what's to come. It's called "Oh My God" and that's exactly what it'll have you saying while listening. Hard bars, flow changes, and fire beat all coming at you on the first track. That's how you start a project. After a buildup of hype comes the second track which is "Aora". This is definitely a track for those who want to live the rockstar life. It also keeps the project versatile because he changes the mood and energy but keeps that pumped-up vibe. The third track, "Rage Out", is for all the moshpit lovers and misfits of the world. This is a track you can't just play on your phone, you'll definitely need a speaker or headphones. It's like a mixture of the two tracks before it so it shows what he can really do on the mic, as well as the other artists Aviyon and Monte2turnt. That track is definitely my personal favorite. Following up as a nice ending is "Way2up" which I think is creatively put like an ending title. LLb Bxndo and bliss365 join him on this outro. I love how they all provide these different styles but still come together. It leaves you wanting to just relisten to the whole project again.

Overall the project had a great beat selection, great cooperation from features, and a turnt-up vibe throughout the whole thing. If you're looking to spend your time listening to new projects then you should definitely give this project a shot. Youll be supporting dedicated artists while doing your ears a favor.

To tap in and hear the project yourself click here. Way2up


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