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Jizzy Joe Got Skills on the Mic and on the Beat

If you're Looking for a new artist to listen to I might have the guy for you. Jizzy Joe is a talented artist and prod ready to shake up the underground. He's got skills in both crafts that are bound to take over your ears and become a new listener of his.

Despite what could be viewed as a funny name, Jizzy Joe takes his work seriously. You can tell by listening to his work he isn't just slapping noises together and calling himself a producer. He puts in dedicated time and energy into his beats which is why he's getting noticed more and more each day. He can be versatile when he wants to but most of his sound is focused on lil Tecca, opium, and YSL type beats. I say opium and YSL because he's able to create broad ranges of sounds between the artists in each collective. He's been known to switch it up from time to time and even recently released a UK drill type beat on his YouTube. A producer who isn't afraid to experiment is one you should tap in with.

His talent as an artist is also impressive. If you're a fan of gunna or lil baby then you'll definitely be a fan of his music. He's got that cool casual voice when he's spitting bars so you can tell he's just going with the flow. He's not trying to hard but not being to lazy either, he's just being him on the mic which is what people love. His music is so easy to relate to cause It's all about being himself. There's so many people claiming false things and putting it into their tracks, but he makes sure his raw genuine energy is put into every word. Definitely a talented individual at making music.

It's becoming a lot harder to find a artist who can be so well at making music from the lyrics all the way to the beat. This just shows how dedicated Jizzy Joe is when it comes to his music. He's willing to put in the time and effort to learn and evolve when it comes to his sound. Artists like him deserve the support these fake artists are getting so be a real one and check him out!

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