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KDaVinci and his Latest EP “#IWinYouLose”

KDaVinci is a small underground artist getting ready to make some big moves. He recently released a EP called "#IWinYouLose" which is a absolute banger and hidden gem within the underground. There's lots of characteristics that show why KDaVinci is a underrated artist in this EP so let's talk about em.

This project is nothing but chill and suave vibes. If you're a fan of Pierre Bourne or Autumn then I'm sure you'll love this body of work. It's got great consistent flows that'll get stuck inside your head with an excellent beat selection. He keeps it versatile with tracks touching different genres here and there. Just like Pierre Bourne, when it comes to his lyrics, he keeps his wordplay playful and short. He'll casually just spit bars and gives you this lazy river type of style where you just coast off his energy. There's tracks that you could relate to when it comes to the females or tracks you could relate to when it comes to being a baller. Either way the whole EP is just a ensamble of good vibes.

4 tracks and a 9 minute listening time, it's a quick listen and perfect way to get introduced to KDaVinci. As I said before, the whole EP is smooth and suave so you can play this almost anywhere anytime. You never know if this is the project that blows him up so make sure you give it a listen and hop on the wave before it's too late! To give the EP a listen click here- #IWinYouLose


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