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Kid Moon Entraps Hearts with his new EP “Amor Éternel”

Kid moon is a young upcoming artist hailing from Philadelphia. His love for music has set him on a path to stardom, already accomplishing great feats along the way. He's performed at several shows, is a member of the iconic collective, and has surpassed millions of streams on platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud. One of his most recent accomplishments is dropping his anticapated project "amor éternel". It's a beautiful EP that'll be sure to pull your heart strings.

The EP has 3 tracks with beats from sublanary, Roku, and kid moon himself. The first track is called "waste our days" and contains the only feature in the ep which is Nyla. It talks about wanting to spend all your time with the person you love not caring about the days passing. Feeling like time isn't a problem is a blissful experience to have with someone and this track totally depicts this emotion from two perspectives. The second track comes in with a great calm guitar beat and it's called "grow like flowers". Anyone with a strong enough relationship knows that you have to "grow" with your partner. Whether it's through struggles or new experiences, there's always trials and errors you learn from. Growing like a flower is a perfect anology for the message being expressed in this song. The ending to the EP is called "better time" and is a great finish to this project. The fast paced drums make your heart race while the electronic melody puts you in this space of ecstasy, giving you that feeling of wanting to be with that person you cherish. It's just an outpour of emotion like longing for affection.

I'd recommend listening to this EP with your partner, when wanting to reminisce good times, or even finding closure from your past. You can tell time, energy, and soul was put in by every person who took part in bringing this EP to life. Go tap in and give it the support it deserves.

To hear the project yourself click here- "amor éternel"


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