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Kidd Heartbreak on his Comparison to Lil Peep and Process Behind His Music

Kidd Heartbreak is the new Cali-based emo rapper hitting the scene with his heartfelt lyricism and unique vision on life. Most come to listen to his music to relate and feel like they aren't alone in what sometimes is a cruel world. Having only started about a year ago he's already made a highly growing supporting fan base and has even reached listeners in Moscow, RU, Hamburg, DE, and New York City, US. In this interview, we dive into Kidd Heartbreak's perspective on music, how he connects with fans, and details on his personality.

About Kidd Heartbreak

Even though Kidd heartbreak is making a such big Splash (replace splash) in the emo rap scene at such an early period in his career, little is known about him. I questioned him on information that would help me and his fans understand him more on a personal level. The more I learned about him the more I understood his music and why so many people seem to connect with him.

Q: How old are you and where are you from?

Kidd HeartBreak: I turned 19 a bit ago and I am from two places actually. I mostly grew up in San Diego California downtown area and Los Angeles California.

Q: Why the name Kidd Heartbreak?

Kidd💔: Honestly it's kinda a funny story. I got the heartbreak tattoo on my face which was my first tattoo and when I started making music it was my only tattoo at the time so I put it together and decided to name myself after the tat.

Q: What is the meaning behind your chest tattoo?

K💔: The love heartbreak hate tattoo is pretty lit, it all ties in together. Love and Hate pretty much mean the same thing in a way and heartbreak also ties in. Didn't really think bout it too much with my tat and neither the other ones. I did put a bit of thinking into maybe 1 or 2 but all the others I just think of shit one day and I'll go get it done. Not too picky with tattoos I just fw them in general.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to?

K💔: I listen to mostly rap music and different rap/ hip hop. Genres I listen to pretty much all a bunch of different artists and different styles... outside of rap/hip hop music I honestly fuck with rock music and stuff like that heavy metal type shit and some classics and normal mellow rock type shit. Pretty much the same thing as rap. I definitely listen to a wide range of music.

As you can most likely tell Kidd HeartBreak is very nonchalant when it comes to certain aspects of his life. Living in a state where it's known for its vibe like California you can tell he implements that very energy into his music. You're able to listen to his music skating, chilling with your homies, or even whenever you're trying to get into your feels, his music will definitely give you a vibe that few artists can provide.

About his Music and Projects

The process behind the making of his music and projects is also obscure. Entering his perspective when making his sound is what I wanted to focus on in this part of the interview.

Q: Would you consider your style emo-rap or are there any other genres you would connect your music to?

Kidd💔: Umm yea I would definitely consider my music emo-rap but it's more than that in my opinion. I think the only other genres I can also compare myself to is alternative. All those super rock fans may disagree but I don't give a fuck lol.

Q: How do you feel about being compared to Lil Peep and what do you think about it?

Kidd💔: Honestly man I don't really have an issue with any of that. Yeah, people have mixed opinions and all but so does anyone that's poppin. People will see that someone is doing good and will find something to hate about and that's to the people who compare us in a negative way. We worked with similar people so that's where I understand our sound can be similar and so it truly doesn't bother me at all I'm just doing my thing.

Q: You recently dropped your first music video for "Hollywood Demon". How did that go and how was the experience?

Kidd💔: Yeah it definitely was lit, it wasn't anything special. Basically, me and some friends got all fucked up and decided we gonna make a music video on someone's iPhone for that song so it definitely wasn't planned, it was a last-minute thing and it worked out. That's kinda how I work I just do things at the moment I try not to think about it too much.

Q: Your top song on most streaming platforms is "Overdose" what was the process that went behind the making of the song and why do you think it's your top song?

Kidd💔: The process was basically like any other day in the studio. I basically walk in and in any type of way I'm feeling I just pull up to the mic, I don't write my lyrics I don't think about them I freestyle them and run racks back and see if I fuck with it so everything is very natural and real. Honestly, I didn't know it was my top song that's hella lit though. It's probably my top song because people can relate to it in some type of way or maybe it's just a lit ass song lol.

Q: Do you produce your music or any music in general?

Kidd💔: When I first started I fucked around with beats and making all the stuff on my own but I sucked at making beats lol. They were trash, definitely not my thing but being an artist kinda comes naturally to me so I work with a team of producers, etc. I definitely like to work with new people and hear all the different sounds that come my way.

Even though not much thought is put into his work Kidd Heartbreak's music is still a soul toucher to those going through a rough time. Instead of focusing with a pen and pad he just goes with the flow and lets his emotions take over resulting in lachrymose vibes. It's no wonder why his fans seem to connect with him on a deep level.

Fan Base and Goals

As with any music artist, Kidd Heartbreak would not be in his position if it weren't for his fans. Whether it's relating to heart-felt words or just wanting to casually vibe out, his music reaches out to the people who need it most. Wanting to know more about how he feels about his fans and if he has anything new in store to show them I questioned him on his loyal listeners and his goals for his music.

Q: You seem to have good connections with your fans with some making fan art for you and others who talk about how listening to your music helped them in their dark times. How does that make you feel and what do you think about your fans?

Kidd 💔: Honestly words can't describe how that makes me feel, the feeling when someone who looks up to you and thanks you for truly making a difference in their life is truly amazing and you won't find any other feeling like that in the world. My fans are amazing in every way and I wouldn't be who I am without them. I have them to thank for everything I am glad I can return the favor by helping with my music.

Q: Besides helping fans with their struggles, what other goals do you want to accomplish with your music?

Kidd 💔: Funny thing about my goals is they keep feeling bigger and bigger. Once I complete one another one comes up. At the moment my goal besides being a voice and helping the youth... is to work with people that I listen to on a daily basis and a few million plays on a song. Other than that it's pretty much meeting the people I look up to from a music standpoint. Also giving inspiration to the youth and even adults that it's possible to get out and make a better life like me and people who grew up like me who had nothing. I want people to know that it's possible.

Q: Do you plan on switching your style and try different genres?

Kidd💔: Of course. I definitely plan on evolving as an artist and try new things, but I'm always gonna be me in some way that I cant change. Definitely plan on expanding my sound.

With that being said it's only a matter of time before Kidd Heartbreak becomes the next big star of emo rap. Nothing will get in the way of this rapper's grind as he still has much more to do in his career. Make sure to stay tuned to him as you don't wanna miss that song or moment where he blows up and if you haven't already go check out his other music if you want something new.💔💔💔

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