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Need Cover Art? Hit up Parrott!

Those who are a fan of cover art in the underground, I got a new artist for you to check out. His name is Parrott and he's starting to begin his comeup. He's recently worked with rising underground artists such as Deric, Herb4k, and Diealone to deliver them and their audience appeasing work. You could be the next one gathering eyes on your music along with these artists if you tap in.

He's very versatile when it comes to his work and has been seen doing a plethora of styles. Although mostly consistent of colorful, bright, and spacious art pieces, he's also been known to create dark and impactful artwork. He's able to create amazing designs surrounding the artist themselves or create unique and eye catching environments. I just love how he can keep things simple but also go all out with accessories and details when needed. He's recently becoming more consistent with dropping more concept art and commissions for artists on his Instagram, so now's the perfect time to tap in.

You'll see more of his skilled talent and him working with even bigger artists very soon. With commissions starting at $25 you can have fire cover art that so many other artists are already obtaining. You don't want to be last one on the Parrott art train so be sure to hit him up for your next drop.


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