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Show NBLTAI Some Love


NBLTAI (Nobody loves Tai) is a content creator and rapper who does things his way regardless of judgment. Still early in his career, he has dropped 49 songs, 3 albums, and two playlists in the past 8 months. Some of his tracks have reached thousands of plays and he has a following of more than half a k on Instagram. He has a unique sound and chooses to use more of his true vocals when it comes to making music as opposed to most artists in the underground who use heavy autotune. His music is definitely something to talk about.


As I said before NBLTAI has a unique sound. He focuses a lot more on his vocals to make sure he’s heard loud and clear. He gives off a turnt vibe in the majority of his discography and is all about good times. On most of his tracks he talks about how no one is gonna get in his way of his lit lifestyle and continue his life how he wants to. He does have some tracks for those more on the emotion side of music. If you are a new listener, some tracks I would recommend are “DragonEgg”, “Invader”, and “3137“. The beats he chooses are always bumping which gets anyone head nodding. If your a fan of good beats and true vocals NBLTAI might be the artist you’re looking for.


His potential is high since he is still early in his career. It’s possible that he still hasn’t found that sound he’s looking for so in the future we could see him with a whole different type of flow. He definitely still has more to find out when it comes to his sound but the time will come when he reaches his prime. With more on the way from this artist now would be a great time to give his music a listen and see him evolve and grow. So go show some love to NBLTAI!

For more NBLTAI click here- NBLTAI

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