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Spcysda Interview!

Updated: May 10, 2022

Who is Spcysda?

Spcysda is an up n coming artist/brand owner with a whopping following of 30.k+ on his main IG @spcysda. From a small town in Georgia, he is one of the many artists popping up in the art scene. At first, just making art for fun he soon saw himself gaining more spotlight and now has bigger goals to work with more artists, music artists, brand owners, and more for collaborations.

His Art Style/Process

Most artists have their own art style or use an art style that can be identified and described by the audience when shown or talked about. When asked about what he would describe his art style Spcysda stated "a lot of people ask me this and tbh I’m not sure what I would describe it or even call it".With that being said, don't get that confused with leaving it up for your interpretation, as he goes further into detail about his art style, he explains "I don’t think my art should be up for interpretation in most situations bc if u look at my art and you see a trans person smoking a blunt or a cig, u see a trans person smoking a blunt or a cig, nothing less nothing more. unless it’s like a deep piece I made and those r pretty rare for me to share". The explanation for coming up with his ideas is just as blunt. "I don’t really have any trouble coming up with ideas, my biggest/well-known pieces are literally from brain farts and just came up in my mind from nowhere". When it comes to his process of producing his art there’s not much to it but just sitting down and getting it done. Although one thing Spcysda does like to do when drawing is listening to music. I asked “ …do you listen to specific music when drawing?” and he replied with the names of the top artists he listens to when drawing which is "...blood orange, Tyler the creator, steve lacy and ravyn lena’s". Other than music I wondered if there was anything else he did that would be considered part of his process. I asked “Other than listening to music do you do anything else when drawing such as weed or acid?” and his response was "who doesn’t smoke nowadays lol but no I don’t do drugs while drawing id like to experience the high while I draw at least once who knows". The only difficulties faced when making his art are the occasional art block or just not finding the motivation. His Solution? Just being patient or in his own words "it’s something I wait out". It's a different story though for coming up with ideas for his brand HoodiePuke. When asked "Do you feel when making art for your brand n merch it’s different for when making art for let’s say Instagram?" he responded with "yea the processes are different, it usually takes me 1-2 weeks to even think of the official design for a shirt even though it’s a small design, vs when making art for ig it just takes me like 2 seconds to know what I want". This brings us over to our next subject.


Other than running his art page, Spcysda is the proud brand owner of Hoodiepuke. He features his own drawings on clothes and has made clothing pieces before as well. We discuss the reason for starting up his own brand and he said "A lotta things made me want to start a brand, I just really liked the idea of making clothes out of random pieces so I decided to give it a try. I’ve been losing track of it and haven’t been as motivated to do what I did and so I’m hoping to get back to what I loved soon". Spcysda designs every piece for HoodiePuke in addition to running it. So with having so much on his plate I questioned whether or not keeping up with both is a struggle. "Yea it’s very difficult holding both my art and brand especially when it’s just me running things. I’ve been wanting to get a team..." he explains. I followed up with " you ever plan on just doing your brand full time?" to which he replied, "like I said I’ve just been having trouble maintaining my brand and my art at once, especially since I don’t have a team or anything of the sort, but I’m hoping to do both full time". Seeing how so far his following continues to grow maybe sometime in the near future he will have what he needs and we will see a lot more of his brand. His brand and art aren't the only things he plans on doing though

Other Projects/Interests

Other than his art and his brand, Spcysda has other interests and has plans for future projects. Music being one of his interests I asked him if he made any music of his own and to no surprise, he answered "I do make music and have been for a year now, but I keep that part of me private, not because it’s something I don’t want people to know about, it’s mostly because I think that people wouldn’t like it, but tbh it’s the same with my visual art. the more I grow I will most likely put my stuff on SoundCloud or smth as like another career/hobby". Besides music, his other interests have recently been about working on new projects with content creators, brand owners, and musical artists. Recently he's done cover art for @sl4tr and @9090gate song “igshawty”. He's even worked with big content creators such as @Centeno from "Arcade Craniacs". After a brief discussion over IG DM Centeno, he himself said in a voice message "…I love your art man you should do me one man that’d be sick” and thus a drawing of Centeno in Spcysdas art style was


He's trying to reach out as much as he can to the people who want to collaborate with his art. When asked " you have a goal when it comes to your art" he replied in detail, "I've been setting up goals very recently. As I grow as an artist, I want to work w other people such as making art/designs for clothing brands, music artists, and especially skate brands and basically, that’s what I’ve been doing. I would love to work with those people...and I’d absolutely love to work with other social media stars too. that’s pretty much what the plan has been for a while and a goal I want to hit before next year" Gowing as an artist brings us to our next topic.

Opinions on the Art community

Spcysda is no stranger when it comes to supporting others in his art community, as usual, you can catch him reposting something from another artist trying to get their statement out to an audience. With 30k+ followers on his main page, I asked "do you feel like an “upcoming” artist?" he replied with "I didn’t feel like an “upcoming” artist until very recently. like I know I’ve been in the game for a while now but ever since all these brands and music artists are coming to me for art and my fav artists and even a couple influencers followed me, that's when I started to get that “upcoming” feeling". Having that status I wondered if he felt like anyone else in the community should feel the same way he does. When I asked, "Do you know any other artists that you feel are upcoming artists as well or at least should be?" he gladly responded with"yes a lot actually and a lot of them are friends, their talents range from visual art, music, skating, etc. n a few I can name rn are @sl4tr, @zorgasm, @fakiejustin, @yellow.ap, @sillybuddies and so many more". With so many artist coming up in this day and age it brought me to ask "what do you think is the best thing about being able to share your art through social media...? And the worst thing? And also do you think there could be any improvements?" and he states "the best thing about being an artist at this time is that since we’re growing with social media around us, it gives so many people the chance to blow up and have all these amazing opportunities.

the worst thing about it, most of the time the game is unfair. there are many artists whose work are overlooked and barely get the recognition they need. the changes we can make are already in our hands, but people just don’t want to do the “extra work” to uplift these people". What a statement to conclude this interview.

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