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Surge Releases his Anticipated Album "2Blu"and he did not Disappoint.

Surge's "2Blu" has finally arrived and fans could not have asked for a better album. It’s already reached thousands of plays and hundreds of likes within the first 24 hours of it's release. The project has a total of 12 tracks, 22 different talented producers, and no features (none needed). Made for heartbreakers and money makers of the world such as Surge himself, he makes sure to evoke that energy with each track.

While listening to "2Blu" I like to look at it from two different perspectives. Just as Lil Yachty has Lil boat and YNW Melly has Melvin I believe you can separate Surge into two different alter egos, Surge and Blu. You can hear the melodic heartstring pulling vibes from Surge in tracks like "I Need That”, “Breaking Down” and “Tables Will Turn”. He’ll talk about making his mom proud, emotions with females, and even expressing his pride as one of the underground’s few Latino stars. Then you can hear the explosive callous energy of Blu through tracks like “Gt3”, “2 Blu 4 U”, and “Break Down”. This is where he’ll talk about his GTA lifestyle, being able to pick and choose whatever female, and carry himself without the worry of other opinions. Surge does an amazing job at showcasing both alter egos on his track “Surge and Blu” which really shows his versatility as an artist. He’s able to tap into different flows like a flick of a switch which is tough for a lot of artists to pull off. This album will have your in your feelings with one track and in the next have you saying “fuck feelings” and live life like it’s too short. This is why he has a strong and loyal fanbase, because his fans know a unique sound and talent like this comes around very rarely in the underground.

This album will bringing a lot more attention to Surge’s name and his incredible talent for music. With Creative lyricism, original flows, and raw genuine energy this album is not one to be slept on. Now released on all platforms it’s now time for fans and new listeners to push the Surge agenda and run this album up!

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