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Tap into Beenstik!

Looking for new artists to listen to? Try checking out Beenstik. He's an 18 year old artist originally from Florida but now stays in Atlanta. With achievements like garnering hundreds of plays and already performing at 4 shows at such an early point in his career, he's sure to show more progress in the future.

He's known mostly for being a bit versatile when it comes to indie, melodic, and rock genres but is soon to explore more. He's only been making music for about a year but is already showing early signs of success. If you tap in now I'm sure you'll witness a diamond in the rough. For first time listeners I suggest listening to his track "icecold" or his latest album "eighteen". I feel like those show his best and most recent work. He's not a crazy lyricist but he's definitely got flow. In the music era that's really all you need. Even with his simple and witty lines he still makes sure his lyrics hit with a impact. That energy he delivers in his music is one of a kind.

Currently he's not well known as much as other artists but that's soon to change. As long as he keeps up his work ethic and music, it's only a matter of time before he gets that recognition he deserves. So be sure to tap in and see the music journey from the start!


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