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Vercettiway The Only Way

If you haven't heard about Vercettiway then it's about time you do. Vercettiway is a brand owned by Chris Inacio that throws underground shows to literally put artists in the spotlight. They are throwing a new show in Brooklyn NY November 25 and here's why you should go!

They've already successfully thrown their own show before and it's received a mass amount of positive review from audiences. The artists had energetic performances, crowds were lit, and the music was bumping!

With some returning artists and other rising stars, this show is sure to blow up even more than the last. They've only chosen some of the most hardworking and talented artists popping out of the underground to perform. So not only are you paying for an enjoyable entertaining show, but supporting up n coming artists as well. Artists like @kanii_o @osmkapo @iamsaintir @gwallahs @omgitsfendi @fleeboyphilly @mayabuckets @israyl @surgetnt @raeusi @ohleeto @ferreroxo @imfarrellb @hatefazos and more are all coming out to give their best at this show.

If you're in Brooklyn NY then this is a show you cannot miss. Be apart of history by joining the fun in their second show and be on the wave before anyone else. This will only be one of many shows Vercettiway will throw, so if you aren't able to come to this one, make sure you stay tapped in so you don't miss the next!

Click here to learn more about Vercettiway- @thevercettiway

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