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Why Content Creator and Producer 1Durao Should be Blessing your Feed

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

I had the opportunity to speak with the multitalented content creator @1durao about his work and other intrests. In this exclusive interview he gives us details on his upcoming projects and how he feels about fans and his work. 23 years old coming from Tacoma, WA this underground artist has a lot more up his sleeve to reveal to his community.


Being mostly known for his 3D art, he has provided his fans with original characters that most of the underground community would appreciate. He’s the creator of numerous cult-classic characters that have become fan favorites for many. Some of them you may have seen already. These characters include:



His content is consistent with more typical cartoon-ish style that can be seen in the underground art scene, which stems from his love of the cartoon art style. “I love cartoon art because I always found it hard to do realism. I feel like the exaggerated features of cartoons better describes what goes on inside my head most of the time, it’s always a madhouse of thoughts and ideas” Durao states. When asked about possibly changing aesthetics he had this to say: “I don’t necessarily plan to switch my art style, but I would like to increase my production quality. Some of my characters and my skillset will definitely be revamped in 2022” . Inspired by the works of Murakimi, George Condo, and Cattyum he’s stated that in the future he’d love to collaborate with KAWS, Murakami, and Disney. He‘s already worked on some collaborations and has been mentioned by popular artists already including:

Shoey’s BOOLAIDE x Sonny Digital artwork with the collaboration of @darkscorpleader

Collaboration with @ojigys

and mention from @babysantana and @trippieredd


Cuppy is undoubtedly one of Durao’s most popular characters and he agrees as well. “Of course my favorite has to be Cuppy, he’s just become such a big character in my community that it’s hard not to love him” he replies when asked who’s his favorite character so far. Held high for being everyones favorite double cup, Durao has big plans for him. “I have a YouTube series coming soon with Cuppy, I can’t say much more than that, stay tuned!” he announces. Cuppy even has his own Instagram that you can follow to keep updated with what’s going on with him @doublecuppy.


When asked about his goals Durao states “My main goal is to save up enough money to disappear from society and never come back. I know that might sound crazy, but I hate social media, and I’m extremely introverted so I like to mind my own business and be left alone”. Although it appears he wants to detach from the rest of the world, Durao has accomplished new heights in his career, and has other talents that provide him with a spotlight such as music producer. Giving insight on his producing career he states “I love music, I’ve been making beats since 2013. I have some popular songs out there, one of them gaining over 22 million views (I don’t want that many friends in the first place by p4rkr). Not a lot of people know that though because of my recent success in the art industry. I also really enjoy anything that has to do with creating something”. Supporting his content, intrests, and providing motivation behind his work, his fans hold a grand place in his heart. “I love my fanbase, they make me feel extremely grateful and blessed to be able to do art and music as a full time job. The amount of love vs hate in small community is crazy, and I’m very humbled to know I’ve impacted these peoples lives in some way… If i could say one thing to my fans it would be ’thank you for not giving up on me, now and for however long you follow my journey. you’ve all helped me out of some dark places and I will repay you with so much amazing content in the future’”.


Nothing more but greater content is expected from this talented human being. With plans in progress for more music, art, and content fans old and new should be eager and excited for whats to come next. It’s only a matter of time before he starts to work with bigger names and brands. Already praised by many in his community, Durao is someone that can provide you with fresh and original content to bless your feed so make sure to give him a follow to keep up with all of his work @1durao.

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