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Yung Si and his Track “Show Tonight”

Yung Si is a up n coming music artist who ceases to stop dropping bangers. With his rambunctious energy he creates music that will make you feel like your in a party no matter where you are. His music has already racked up thousands of plays and likes on all platforms. He’s released multiple music videos and already has a debut album out called “Awakening”. His fans love his dedication to music and the emotion he puts in his tracks which is one of the main reasons why he’s a favorite to many! He’s able to work with all sorts of different rappers and music artist as he is very versatile. One of his best tracks and collaborations has to be “Show tonight” ft Yung Fazo, Osmkapo, and Ferrero remix.

This track has potential to be the next big hit in the underground. Each artists on this track does their part amaziningly especially Yung Si. With it only being three minutes it’s a quick listen and a quick way to get the party started. The chorus is catchy and the bars they deliver are easy to remember and say so you could easily rap along. Each artist on the track provides a different flow and energy onto the beat so it’s easy to tell who’s who. the beat is more of a party vibe but contains parts that give out a mellow and calming vibe. Perfect type of song the underground community loves. Yung Si has also worked with other big names like surge, Xchulooo, and Zoku! He’s only going to be bigger and better so make sure to follow his music to hear more of what the underground community loves!


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