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Apollo Gold’s Latest Music Video has been “On My Mind”

Talented artist, Apollo Gold, has dropped some intriguing visuals for his track "ON MY MIND". If you haven't already heard of this upcoming artist then here's your chance to tap in. You get to see him spit his bars, show his characteristics, and see for yourself why he's starting so much traction.

The music video was directed and edited by Sebastian Andrade. He did an excellent job in telling a story through just a few settings. The video begins with a hazy looking Apollo gold tied to a chair in a facility of some sorts. This is supposed to signify the main premise of the song which is feeling trapped in your own head because of someone. It then moves on with with him back at home getting him and his car ready. Goes to show that even when your doing normal tasks that person can still be on your mind every second. It's a struggling feeling many could relate too. Last setting is him arriving at a girl's house as they flirt awhile. The music video is putting your thoughts into reality. He had a girl on his mind for so long he couldn't beat it anymore so he went to go pursue what he wanted. It shows him a as a go getter and his dedication when it comes to achieving what he wants.

I'm sure a lot of people can find both the video and track relatable and easily enjoyable. Make sure to check out more of Apollo Gold's work as well if you enjoyed this because you're sure to enjoy more. You never know what's to come next from this talented individual.

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