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D3 is The Up Next Artist Coming from Atlanta


D3 is a slept on artist and producer from Atlanta. So sure of his talent he produces as well as writes all of his music. Now as most hip/hop and rap fans know Atlanta is known for having some of the best underground artists, and I think he’s going to be the next artist to blow up from there. He puts 100% of himself in his music which is why he gets thousands of plays and likes on all of his streaming platforms. He’s not afraid to pursue his own sound to be one of the black sheep of the underground.


When it comes to music, D3 already has plenty of experience. He’s been releasing tracks and producing for himself since 2016. During that time he’s developed a flow that fans recognize and love. A lot of his music is very expressive and energetic. Whether it’s sadness, rage, or turnt he has the perfect music to just let everything out. While there are other artist’s who may evoke the same emotions no one is sounding like D3 right now. Fans love that they are able to find something unique that they can relate too instead of hearing the same thing over and over. He keeps every track he makes different while still improving his craft. The closest artists I can compare his sound to would be Trippie Redd, D Savage, or Yeat. His production game is crazy as well as his flow because he does it all himself. His instrumentals alone prove his talent and expertise when it comes to music. Don’t just take my word for it. Get tapped in and check out some of his recent release.

Tap In

Little by little D3 is getting his name out there and soon he’ll be having his name in the mouths of some of y’all favorite artists. This is the perfect time to tap in to his music since his audience and fanbase are still growing. The more you help push his agenda the faster it’ll be for him to ”make it” and you can say you were one of his earliest supporters. He’s got plenty of albums and music videos just waiting to be played by you. So go tap in if you’re looking for something new to add to your playlist.

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