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Have you Tapped into Shando yet?

Shando is a talented underground artist working hard to share his music with the rest of the world. He's been making music for 4+ years and has developed his own sound with his unique voice. With his skill and talent he plans to become one of the next up artists to come out of the underground.

There's many factors when it comes to his music that people love. Consistentcy, versatility, and confidence in energy are just some characteristics that are slowly but surely gathering fans. He understands that for an upcoming artist consistentcy is key. He doesn't take this huge pause when dropping new tracks like so many opium clones do. It shows that he makes music frequently because that's what he loves to do. On top of being able to release tracks at his pace, he's also known for his versatility. A perfect example of this is his latest ep "Demons and Angels". It's packed with 6 tracks and demonstrates his skill for being able to tap into different flows and hop on creative beats. Regardless of what he's dishing out though his confidence is what stands out. In this underground era there's so many artists who want to sound like everyone else or release work they don't feel confident in. This is what seperates him from most. When you listen to his music you can tell he puts in his all. He's not a typical mumble rapper who depends on a fire beat to get him clout. Instead he chooses to always focus on improving his sound making each new track more exciting.

I would consider him a very underrated artist and more deserving of a spotlight than most. Go check out his discography and see if you agree if you haven't tapped in already. You'll be surprised at what you find.

To hear Shando click here- Soundcloud


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