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Heim is the Next New Artist From the Underground


Heim is a new artist on the scene that’s ready to enter the spotlight. His name is derived from where he’s from, Aneheim California. California is known for having some of the best known artists/content creators and it wont be a surprise to see in the future Heim being one of the next stars to come from this location. Still early in his career he has 7 tracks out all special in their own way. These tracks have shown his dedication to music and passion he gives to not only help himself but help others who may be going through struggle.


Heim’s music is more than meets the ear. A lot of his tracks give off good vibes as he works a lot with the hyperpop sound that makes you want to jump up and down. What makes his music interesting is that even though most of his tracks seem to appear about good times his lyrics tell a different story. A lot of times when artists try to make hyperpop music, their vocals are washed away by the loud instrumentals leaving the listener more in love with the producer than the artist. Heim is not like most artists. He makes sure his vocals are loud and clear while having the beat stay bumping. He has great wordplay and always seems to talk about a deep message. Whether it’s about mental health or just a popular topic in society he makes sure he gets his point across. He’s not afraid to use strong vocabulary and express himself to the fullest extent. His first track released on soundcloud titled “KILLÜRSELF” is a great demonstration of how he can make a track sound so fun but make the message behind it dark and serious. He still has lots more opportunities to show what he is capable of and it’ll be interesting to see how far he grows!


Already proving his skill when it comes to making music at such an early point in his career, it’s safe to say Heim has an unknown amount of potential. Only 7 tracks out and he’s already receiving up to hundreds of plays on his streaming platforms. Fans have already started to accumulate to the thousands when it comes to his social media. He can tap into genres like hyperpop, trap, or even Dnb. If he keeps going on the current path he’s on you might hearing hopping on tracks with big names like Yeat, Surge, or 100 gecs. Make sure you tap into this new rising artist and hear what he has to say!

For more Heim click here- Heim


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