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Lift Off by Watching Nue’s new Music Video for “Elon”

If you haven't heard of nue yet then here's your chance to tap in. He's an up n coming artist from Toronto and has been becoming a big hit recently. His latest music video for his track "Elon" is sure to take you out of this world and understand the buzz surrounding his name. It's also a great way to get introduced to his work and witness some of his characteristics.

The music video was directed by @javiejaavie and was published Jan 30, 2023 on Nue's own YouTube channel. It's his second MV uploaded since the beginning of the new year and is stamping his place as a up next artist of 2023. Diving into the video, the setting begins to take place in what the track suggest is Mars. This makes his first lyric, "Someone tell Elon, I'm on Mars already", creatively brought into the intro of the video. That along with the fact that most of the scenes take place in a dark area as if he's in space really brings the whole elon theme together. That mysterious vibe of being in the unknown just makes everything more intriguing. Another thing to take note of is his calm nature throughout the chaos of crazy camera motions and angles. It shows that even if the environment around Nue is unclear and random, he's always going to keep a cool composure because of his nonchalant attitude. Once you watch it for yourself and see everything come together I'm sure you'll be impressed.

Overall the music video will give you enough reason to tap in more with this upcoming artist. His sound is only improving and evolving so regardless you're bound to hear him through your radio and see him through your screens. Might as well tap into the hype now then later.


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