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Maccy releases Music Video for “Bitch”

Maccy is definitely a one of a kind artist you won't find anywhere else. He recently released a official music video for his track "Bitch" ft Kane T and is a sight to see. Let's take a small dive into the video and track.

The music video starts off with the definition of the word bitch in both forms. In Maccys words the whole track is about "...take the piss out of rappers using words like bitch and ho and stuff". So the intro to the music video actually holds significance and adds to the visuals as well. It's basically all about helping audiences realize how repetitive and boring artists have become generalizing and using the same words over and over. His keeps his wordplay creative and in sync with what's going on during his absurd scenes. Very playful while also sending a message, it's definitely entertaining. Kane T's part in the in the track, as well as the video, just adds more fuel to the fire with his fun energy and style. All in all I'd say it's a great funny video with a good message that should be heard more.

The video is close to 3 minutes long so why not give it a view. I'm sure others can support the idea that we need more unique vocabulary when it comes to new music so it's definitely a message to share. If you end up liking it make sure to check out more of his stuff here - Maccy


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