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Skyte Brings Heaven to Earth with his Album “Garden of Eden”

One of the most diverse artist the underground has to offer, Skyte, has recently dropped his first project of 2023. It's called "Garden of Eden" and it's filled with songs that have been waiting for their time to bloom. Now that it's finally arrived, fans and new listeners are having the album on repeat. Let's discuss the new material Skyte brings to the table as he plans to take over the new year.

Touching all types of genres and tapping outside the box when it comes to lyricism and flow, the album will give you an immersive experience. Beats concocted by ayo witty, plnt, justxrolo, yukisx, and hazard all bring something new with each track that make it special. There's lots of moods and tones played around with as well depending on the beat used. Some tracks are meant to be taken more seriously than others and some are just to vibe. For example "Black Panther" carrie's more significance than a track like "Play Da Beat". It really depends what mood you're in when it comes to wanting to play a specific track. The album is still more than enjoyable when heard all together. There's also no specific order you need to listen in either. Since every track offers something somewhat different, you could start at any point and the experience will still be just as entertaining if not better. It's his way of showing his fans and any listeners out there to expect a upgrade this year. This album is just a preparation for what's to come next.

Already having 20k+ streams in the first 24 hours, it's a sure sign that the project will be reaching new heights. Take a listen yourself and surround yourself with all types of incredible sounds. You surely won't be disappointed.


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