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T.K Sean will Boss you Up with Latest Album “No Labels”

If you're looking for talented artists who can self prod then I have one you might find interesting. His name is T.K Sean and he's a versatile artist using multiple skills to show audiences why he should be up next. One of his best examples that show his expertise on the mic and the beat is his latest album "No Labels".

You won't be disappointed with the work and effort put into the production. The whole project consists of 14 tracks and is mostly self prodded, but T.K Sean does receive some assistance from prods like kindenthe3rd, streooo, and Bryceunknwn on certain tracks. Consisting more of a trap style, the beats tend to be more experimental the more you dive into the album with some regalia and rage mixed in there. Now you'd figure from its cover art to its track titles the album would carry an RnB or emotional vibe. That is far from the truth. It's supposed to get you out of your feels instead of in them. Although at times he does have sentimental moments, you'll feel strong and independent throughout listening. The whole idea of "No Labels" is to be focusing on yourself and not get stuck having a relationship be in the way of your career. Having no labels just gives you more freedom and allows you to focus more on priorities. Though at times having no labels can cause slight struggles, he still makes sure to cover the negative side as well. If you've been in a relationship whether it was serious or friends with benefits then you'll definitely relate to this album.

So again if you're looking for artists who are skilled on the mic and on the beat then T.K Sean is for you. Tap into "No Labels" to understand exactly what I'm talking about. You won't be disappointed in what you hear!


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