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Jaydes Revives Toxic Relationships with “Poison”

If you need a song to get your ex to leave her man and back in your arms then I got you. The "heartpacing" artist, Jaydes, has released a new track recently called "poison". It's picking up lots of traction, which isn't unusual for the reputable upcoming artist.

Cover art for “poison”

The track is smooth and emaculate, his entrancing voice creates a loose type of energy you can just vibe too. It entices you to reach into that "poisonous" side of you and be greedy with love. The beat is like elavator music if it was actually good. Calming piano melodie's connected with well paced drums brings the whole track together. It's short and sweet with a beautiful flow that I'm sure you'll love.

You can enjoy the track on all platforms so everyone can tap in and add to their playlists. It's one I highly recommend especially if you're a first time listener. It shows his talent in lyricism, flow, and excution which will surely be noticed once you hear for yourself.

Click here to listen- poison


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