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$amaad Exerts Confidence with new Project “Conviction”

$amaad is becoming a hero of the underground with his latest project release, "Conviction". There should be no complaints about the underground being boring because "Conviction" is jam packed with bangers. It's filled with unique new sounds from excellent producers like Keleway, John Luther, Rision, Koops, Synthetic, TJ Dank, and even $amaad himself. Other than the abstract beat production, there are plenty other factors he implements into this project that truly make it stunning.

The experimentation when it comes to flow and beats is remarkable. Just off the first track alone, "Night & Day", he demonstrates his ability to easily stay on pace with the beat even as the sound slightly changes. As more tracks play, you'll wonder if any other artists could hop on the beats he's on and still be just as good. You'll come to realize it's highly unlikely. His skill to just fuse his flow to any sound thrown at him is what attracts so many listeners to become fans and supporters. You can't get that type of energy from just anyone, that's talent and dedication to his craft. That's conviction. Tracks like "Celine", "2x Freestyle" and"Tap in" are the best examples of him showing off his expertise in that area. Other than being selective with his beats, he was also very selective with the features as there are only two throughout the whole project. Brody and Saiah Woes are recruited to assist him with creating heat in tracks like "Wait in the lobby", "Crash the Vette", and "Big Stunna". You can tell he didn't want to over saturate the album with features and only chose those he knew would compliment his sound the best. Using a creative mindset and the perfect tools at his disposal, he truly outdid himself with this one.

Inspiration behind cover art
Art by Jun Takahashi

The whole album is 12 tracks and has a listening time of about 26 minutes. Not too long but not too short either, just right. So if you are complaining about the underground being boring, take the time to listen to "Conviction". You'll soon find out after hearing that $amaad wasn't the hero we wanted, he was the one we needed.

To hear more click here- Conviction


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