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Kami and Co. the Company you Need to Look out For

Kami and Co.

Kami and Co. Is a company owned by talented producer, artist, and animator Vincent. Influenced by his visit to Japan, Kami and Co. was inspired by the aspects and teachings of Shinto. The word Kami actually holds great significance in Shinto as well as in the company name and even showcased on the Kami and Co. website.

Wanting to strengthen the bond between humans and nature, Vincent has stated “The moment we perceive nature & the way we perceive ourselves is the moment we

realize we are all connected. That's why I named my company Kami and Co…. Kami are the spirits and I’m the company”. He‘s had many accomplishments with the company already stemming from his talents with animations and music productions. His main focus is to bring both his animations and music together to create art that tells a story to his audience which can be seen and heard.


Vincent is the creator of many one-of-a-kind art prints that can be purchased on the Kami and Co. Website. His art features calming images of nature, inspiring quotes, and a unique drawing style.

Other than drawings, Vincent has also produced many 3D animations. Animating for only about a year, he’s already done animations for artists such as hellbxy, autumn!, Sam flora, and many more. His work takes major inspiration from N64 and PS1 video games as well as influence from other artists like NamMac.

His animations bring nostalgia and entertainment in one which is why so many people love to view them. He’s created characters of his own and has provided visuals for artists and their music. He’s only worked on music videos so far but he has plans for a short film in the future. With more art projects in the works we will be seeing more work from his music as well.


Other than providing fans and viewers with art, Vincent has also produced and audio engineered multiple songs for multiple top-name artists. For 10 years he’s been producing his music using Ableton. Throughout the years he’s worked with Alina baraz, Trippie redd, J Cole, Wiz Khalifa, Cardo got wings, Jaafar Jackson, Cordae, and more at fever recording studio. One of his biggest accomplishments in his music career so far would be going multi-platinum for work on the track “On Chill” by Wale feat. Jeremih. He makes his own music as well and uses it to help others going through hard times or just to bring enjoyment to other. Currently, he is working on two debut albums he plans to release during the summer. Fans are nothing but eager to hear what else he has in store.

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Kami and Co. are growing exponentially and continue to push out great content. The work ethic and dedication given by the owner Vincent makes sure of that. Working with bigger names in art and music, the company will soon be known by all. Be sure to follow along his journey to see more great quality art and music.


Kami and Co. website



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