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Caal Vo is Taking Over LA Soon and You can Join

If you've been tapped into the underground scene for a minute then you've most likely heard of Caal Vo. He's a one of a kind talent who's been interviewed by On the Radar Radio, featured on No Jumper, and overall known in the underground community for his entertaining personality and music. Recently he's been working on releasing his upcoming project "American Circus Freak" and has announced he'll be doing a free listening party/show in La for the release.

Caal Vo has already performed in LA multiple times with great success and reaction from crowds so its clear to say LA has love for him. He plans on making this event more then just a performance though and more of a community link up with his supporters. That’s why the first 50 people in line will receive free album merch! He's also going to be putting on some fire underground artists to perform such as Jadysbirthday and Okdeazy. There's going to be some special guests as well that you'll have to pull up to find out yourself who they'll be.

This is definitely a LA event you don't want to miss out on and regret. It's a free show/ listening party, there's merch, special guests, opportunity to make connections, meet cool artists and just have a good time. So if you're free Thursday June 13 then pop out to this awesome, FREE, upcoming event.


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