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A Dive into Milla’s Latest EP “After Party”

Milla is a up n coming female artist currently starting a buzz with her latest project "After Party". Known for her clear vocals and lyricism she definitely makes sure you leave her music with an experience. She's been featured on highly respectable pages such as Offrecordsounds, Undergroundhitlist, milkymusicmedia, and more for her outstanding work. Her music speaks for itself especially in the tracks you'll hear in "After Party".

"After Party" is a 5 track EP filled with all sorts of sounds and flows. Like the title says this EP is made to keep the party going so expect nothing but positive vibes and hard tracks. Milla starts off the EP with "Again" which is a great intro into the world of emotions you'll soon enter. It's all about how she has to repeat herself to those who are lustful towards her and her haters. Whether it's letting the ladies know their relationship ain't that serious or letting the haters know what she's flexing, it always feels like she's doing it again and again. The second track is "Mad in Love" and gives a more romantic vibe to the EP. If you've ever been in a relationship where you knew it wasn't good, but you just couldn't stand to leave the other person then this is the track for you. Her storytelling makes the track easily relatable to anyone who has gone through a similar relationship before. Following the track comes "Morning" with that chill kickback energy. In this track she speaks on how she has her priorities straight so if it isn't about money then it can wait until the morning. The fourth track "Why Don't We" keeps the good vibes flowing with a more tropical sound. It's another relatable track that will have you wanting to spoil the girl of your dreams. Last but not least comes "See You Later". I really feel like Milla saved the best for last when it comes to this track. She really elaborates on what loyalty over love means and not only can you hear it, but feel it as well. It's one of those tracks where you really want to hear what the artist is saying while they speak from the heart. It's a wonderful way to end the EP and leaves you with that one of a kind experience you won't find with another artist.

Milla proves more than once in multiple areas that she's a talented artist in this EP. Versatile flows and excellent story telling, it's almost as if you're watching a movie when listening to "After Party". She's definitely a underrated artist you should tap into and show support! To hear more click here- "After Party"

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