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ActiveDevin and his Album Dash Boy

"Dash Boy" by ActiveDevin released on August 29,2021 is a 13 track album with no features that has some crazy bangers! Being one of the come ups in the underground wave ActiveDevin has created a unique flow that most in the underground try to achieve but can‘t quite get it. "Dash boy", ActiveDevin’s latest album, goes to show what makes him different and why he’s up next!

With it only being 23 minutes long it’s great to play at a kickback or cruising with the homies. It provides a chill vibe that leaves your head nodding at the end of each track. Songs like “If I’m Lying I’m Flying”, “Star Boy”, and “100’s in the Sand” set this album a part from the others. ActiveDevin talks about his lit lifestyle as a “dash boy” and some of the struggles or activities that come with it in this album.

Listening to the album you’ll either want to be like him or get your bag up to be on his level. Not only do his lyrics get you wanting to go chase a bag but the beats on this album are extraordinary. Each beat was like as If it was perfectly made for him to completely murder. It'll have your speakers bumpin and the crowd jumpin. The beats give off a sort of more refreshed version of 2016 plug beats. Fans of thouxanbanfauni, Lucki, and Diego money will definitely fuck with this album. If your looking for something fresh from the underground ActiveDevin’s “Dash Boy” is something you gotta check out. If you want to check out more of ActiveDevin’s music click on the link below.


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