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Activedevin's "Way 2 Rare" Truly is a Treasure to Cherish

"Way 2 Rare" is a work of art coming from the brilliant mind of LA based artist Activedevin. Released on 6/25/2022 and featuring 11 tracks, fans are already seeing the potential for this album to become an engraved classic in the underground. The album has already started to become iconic after pages like hyperpodaily and sleeping underground hyped up the project to appear as a close rival for summrs and his recent album drop "Fallen Raven" which was released 4 days after "Way 2 Rare". It's no surprise to see Activedevin in friendly competition with an artist like summrs especially when both of these albums have proven to show their game changing effect on the underground.

Activedevin did not hold back when creating his tracks for "Way 2 Rare". Showing his versatility when it comes to music, his raw emotion within each track will have you tapping in with all sorts of feelings. He's known for healing heartbreaks with tracks like "Do You Mind", "What You Need Me 4 ?", and ""Pretty Girl Anthem" . Giving off a Future type of energy, Activedevin has this special talent of sharing his mentality of don't let a bitch drag you down. As talked about in his interview with WokeUpFucked he is no cap rapper. "Way 2 Rare" is truly just his life in music form. This is what makes him unique and different than most. Fans and listeners can hear the truth in his voice making it easier to relate and truly connect with his character as if they just finished meeting him in person after listening to the album. The project has no features and none are needed when the only collaboration he focuses on is with the beat and producer. Chasethemoney, HD, Dezafool, Goodstuffcris, YTG, and Viibe Dealer are all the producers who contributed their artwork and craft to help Activedevin create the masterpiece that is "Way 2 Rare". If you're ever in need of a confidence boost to get over a female or get a bag then this is the album for you.

Currently just 6 days out it has already made a substantial amount of progress with its plays and likes. Lots more is expected to come from him as the album drop was just the start of what he has planned. Music videos are waiting to be released and there is talk of a documentary dropping as well giving more insight on the mind behind this creative work. Keep running up the album and if you haven't heard it yet, what are you waiting for? Music like this truly is "Way 2 Rare".

To listen to the album click here- Way 2 Rare


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