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Addy369 Drops Fire Visuals on CashCow’s Channel

Addy369 is an underground gem waiting to blow up. If you haven't tapped into him yet then this is your sign to do so. He recently just dropped a music video for his track "Back On My Bs" that was hosted by popular underground page CashCow. This video will give you more than enough reason to tune into Addy369 and his discography.

The track itself has a fire flow with a thrilling beat produced by sil. If you enjoy listening to other talented artists like Summrs or Autumn then I'm sure you'll love the sound Addy369 delivers in this track. Always evolving and experimenting with flows, he's got the same potential as these up next stars. Now what gives the track more life are the visuals provided. It was directed by Gee and shot and edited by Blends Cinema. It's got somewhat of a vlog look to it showing clips of Addy369 traveling, driving in fast whips, and chilling in hotels. All the clips are held together with fast motion shots and simple but effective effects. What I like about the video is the slight violet filter that's seen throughout. It's makes it look as if he is in his own world.

With this type of work he's bound to be one of the next stars to come out of New York. He's definitely worth checking out if you're looking for new music or a new artist to tap into. Regardless you'll be seeing him a lot more on social media for his sound and talents.

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