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Alexander Elatassi Aka Unified Atlantic is Spotting all the Heat From Houston

   One of the most favorable characteristics to have in the music industry is the ability to spot great talent early. Houston director and videographer, Alexander Elatassi aka Unified Atlantic, has used such talent in the past year to put on some of the most fire artists in the underground. He’s able to spot mass potential in an artist and has already been working with those who’ve caught his eye. Here’s a list of just some of the artists he’s supporting to make it big.

Lil Chika


Lil Chika is probably one of the most prominent artist on this list. If you love personalities like Tyler the Creator then Chicka is definitely a artist you want to check out. He’s a fun and entertaining creative without that spastic movement. His music ranges from different genres and emotions which is what people love about him. He’s always openly himself, sharing personal experiences and feelings through his music. This leads to him being a very relatable person for listeners to enjoy and understand. There’s also that imaginative and wholesome side that you can see in his music videos and other content. He’s definitely a one of a kind artist.

Teejayrarii & Maxostiff

   This duo is known for their aggressive and clear tone of voice as well as witty lyrics. Most of the time when you hear an artist with an aggressive tone, you get fed the same type of generic lyrics about guns and drugs. This is where this duo gets separated from the rest. Some of their bars will be some of the funniest, original, and creative bars you’ll hear come out from someone’s mouth. It’s not too random where you get thrown off but just enough to have you smiling and thinking “no way he said that”. They both pair with each other so well as if they have a friendly rivalry going on. Improving themselves to better one another knowing it’s all for the growth. There’s not a lot of duos in the underground music community so it’s satisfying seeing this pair take off .


   Hrxxcane is known for his raspy whisper voice used to spit heat on some of the hardest beats you’ll hear. His unique style may sound simple but the way he applies it is what make it versatile. Using his voice to flow with the tempo of whatever he’s on so it can be fast paced, slow paced, serious emphasis on word, or loose. Most artist trying to attempt this sound can really only do it over one type of beat like trap. Hrxxcane is showing how it’s done and owning the sound for his own. With his taste in beat selection and drive to prove he can do better then the rest, there’s nothing stopping him from blowing up.

   Those are just a couple of artists Alexander Elatassi has kept on his watch so I suggest not only tapping in with them but Alex as well. Following him means looking into the newest sounds while also receiving fire music videos. It’s a win win situation, all you need to do is one click and you’ll be hooked.


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