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Allure Hearts Shows his Worth with Debut EP “ALLUREHEARTS”

Florida based artist, Allure Hearts, has been going crazy recently shutting down shows in his city, dropping versatile sounds, and slowly building his community. He recently dropped his self titled debut EP, “ALLUREHEARTS”, with 7 tracks and a feature from Kool Kat. Let's dive more into this album and find out why he felt so confident in dropping these tracks for his debut EP.

First off, if you like playful rage beats then you're definitely going to like the production throughout this project. It's got cool experimental rage beats that'll have you wanting to mosh. Nothing too crazy, but just enough to give you that energy boost if needed. Allure Hearts makes it much more exciting with his fire energetic flows. Talented artists like him are able to make music that'll make you feel like your at a packed out show wherever you are. If you bump this EP in your room with some friends, I'm sure you'll feel the same vibes felt as if he was actually there performing. My personal favorites off of this EP are "Rok", "24/7" featuring Kool Kat, and "Swaggin-To-Death ". They evoke the misty hype and show his versatility the best when it comes to slightly experimenting with other sounds. He really brought out the best of himself in this EP.

I wouldn't doubt it if he becomes one of the next stars to come out of Florida after this project. It's got experimental sounds, ecstatic flows, strong lyrics, and even a fire feature from another up n coming artist. What more could you ask for! It's an impressive project to tap into especially with it being his debut so make sure to tap in and listen for yourself.


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