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Amanlyfe Cuts Deep with his Track “In The Night”

Amanlyfe is talented artist dedicated to showing the world his sound. He's a beloved member of the underground community who's always showing support so it's about time he gets some back. He recently released a new track called "In the Night" and it definitely deserves a listen if you're looking for new music.

For starters the beat itself is very angelic. It's simple but far from boring once added with Amanlyfe's vocals.The track is all about late night thoughts. If you listen to the lyrics closely you'll notice he hits deep. He talks about depression, betrayal, and coping with the struggles he deals with. Most would agree our dark and negative side tends to pop out more when you're alone late at night. If you've ever been in that mindset than this track is for you to put on and float away. It's always a great thing when a artist release their vulnerability on tracks like he did for the benefit of himself and his audience. I can definitely see this track help others with their own struggles and show them they aren't alone when it comes to feeling down. We all get those late night thoughts.

So if you're looking for new music or a new artist to be introduced to then Amanlyfe is most likely your guy. Hear the track yourself and find out if he's a fit for you. He might be your new favorite artist!

To hear the track yourself click here- "In The Night"


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