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Arbrez’s “Treat You Better” is for all the Broken Hearts Out There

Arbrez is a one of a kind artist going to the top in his own way. His sound and vocals are unique to him and you can hear it on his latest track "Treat You Better". The lyrics and emotion behind this track hold so much meaning that you can feel what he's talking about through the music.

The track has a beautiful guitar based instrumental that tugs at your heart strings. It's the perfect way to start off this emotional song. What follows this melodic sound are Arbrez's vocals and flows which helps reach the full potential of the track. The words he uses to convey this heartbroken mood truly comes from his own experience. Lots of artists these days tend to fail when it comes to being vulnerable and really speak from the heart but Arbrez is not your typical artist. The track talks in depth about the back n forth of knowing you could treat a girl better but also knowing the toxic consequences. His wordplay does a great job of detailing how crazy love can make someone. He makes the track relatable and genuine in his own unique way which is what audiences love about this song.

After giving it a listen it'll definitely be a song you'll begin to love as well. It's a definite bop that you can listen too in any good or bad mood. Arbrez has a very limited discography so after hearing "Treat You Better" make sure you check out his other tracks. To hear more click here- "Treat You Better"


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