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Are You Bumping Yvng Broly’s Album “Luv Me Never 2”?

Yvng Broly is the upcoming versatile artist hopping on the scene. He's recently dropped "Luv Me Never 2" which is the second part of his highly rated album "Luv Me Never". This project proves beyond a doubt that Yvng Broly has the potential to be one of the greats. He definitely shows his improvements and experimentation since his last project.

One thing you'll definitely notice is the versatility in the project which is what he's known for. Picture Yvng Broly's energy for music the same as the famed anime character "Broly" from Dragon Ball Z. They both are able to be in this calm manner but once agitated or pushed they can create something devasting. He goes from heart breaker to healing hearts making tracks for everyone going through anything. It's got a total of 9 tracks which I believe was structured beautifully. The first three tracks are all about why he's not one to play around and how at the end of the day he only needs himself. Next three tracks after that transition more into a softer version of himself expressing a little bit of both sides. The last three tracks are just him allowing himself to be vulnerable for his audiences. He keeps it real in each track so the whole project overall is very relatable for all types of listeners.

This is the perfect album to play when you got a female over or you need to impress the homies on the aux. He's still fresh on the music scene as well so hop on the wave and help put him on! This album just contains a small percentage of his discography so make sure to peep his other stuff when your done checking out "Luv Me Never 2"

To hear more click here- "Luv Me Never 2"


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