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Tap Into Some Royal!

Skilled underground artist, Royal!, has been making some moves lately resulting in lots of eyes being placed on him. He's definitely an artist who deserves more recognition than he has now for his work in music. If you haven't tapped in yet then here's your start.

Royal! tends to focus on lyrics and wordplay when it comes to music and style. He's fun and creative with the way he approaches each and every beat. You'll want to focus on the bars he spits to really feel what he's saying. Some of the best examples of his work would have to be his top tracks which are "Kingdom Hearts", "Pointing @ You", and "Encrypted". He's also got some fire music videos you should look at, with one hosted on Milkyunderground's channel. There's plenty of impressive work you can find of his on all platforms!

Discover yourself why Royal! has been appealing so many ears lately. Whether it's a fire track or music video, I'm sure you'll find something for you. Be sure to tap in and show support to this underated artist.


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