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Byebreathe’s New EP will get You Tapped In

A new artist in the underground is starting his rise to blowing up and his name is Byebreathe. He's been receiving plenty of attention recently for his latest EP release called "The Real Hunta". It's only got three tracks but those three are enough to get you tapped in if you haven't already.

The beats on this EP are stunning and created by talented prods like 1ndone, ilysaeto, phantasie, and styck. Each beat contains some strong characteristics that can get stereos bumping without making it all about the hype. Bye Breathes's flow makes sure of that on every track. He keeps everything balanced and creative with his energy and lyrics. What I personally love about this EP is the increase of excitement after each track. It's almost as if your going through stages when listening. The first track ,"city", is a great start for the strong buildup of the next two tracks. It's got a bit of an amped up beat, but a casual cool flow. I love it when an artist realizes that just because the beat is hard doesn't mean their voice has to be. It shows versatility and being able to look at the bigger picture. The second track, "damn", shows more of his creative and cooperative side with music. It features benjimxrgiela and is the only feature out of the three tracks. This shows how well he can work with another artist and sync with another's sound. It's always nice to show that you can work with other people, even if you aren't an artist who usually does features. The third track named ,"raimj remix", is a great finisher for this EP. One note to add about this track is the fact that it actually samples another track of Bye Breathe which is "racksallinmyjeans". He combines both sounds to create an intense track, making it the most energetic in the whole EP. With just these three tracks he shows his impressive talent on what he can do on the mic and why he's beginning to be up next.

You don't want to miss out on the come up so be sure to tap in so you don't miss any future drops. He's already making big moves with dropping more visuals and even performing at Tubman underground's upcoming show. Once you check him out, I'm sure you'll see the same vision I see of him being one of the next underground artists to make it.


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