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Channing Speeds Things Up with his New Track “SRTs” ft Babydraco

If you're a fan of fast cars well then boy do I have the track for you. Upcoming artist, Channing, just dropped his track "SRTs" ft babydraco and people are already calling it a banger. He paired the drop with some fire visuals so let's talk about how everything ties together.

The video was directed and edited by Christian Georges and published on the Millennials Repping Culture YouTube channel. Just like the track, the visuals are very fast paced with its quick transitions and scenes of speeding in the whip. Effects like floating tires and tools along with giving it a vintage look at times help make sure the audience stays entertained. One of my favorite clips is the switch off between Channing and babydraco as they switch holding the keys as well as places spitting bars. It's a very fun and energetic video overall. The track itself is all about living life fast like an SRT. No time to look behind you, just keep pushing. It's a lifestyle only a select few choose to live.

If you can relate to this track then make sure to check out some of Channings discography. He's got lots more talent to show in the near future and it's exciting to see what he'll put out next. Make sure you tap into babydraco who was also a big part in bringing this track alive!


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