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Check out Yungheir’s Music Video for “Gahdamn” directed by @heartmarko

Yungheir is a upcoming artist starting to enter the spotlight. He's been getting a lot more eyes laid on him recently after dropping a music video for his track "gahdamn". The music video was directed by talented director @heartmarko and posted on his own YouTube channel "Pull Up". Let's talk about what makes this music video worthy of checking out.

The track itself is just a exclamation point on the success in yungheir's music career and life so far. He basically just goes all out to the point where the only thing you can say is "gah damn". This track is just a demonstration of what yungheir is capable of. The music video just makes this point much more stronger. @heartmarko was the director for this video and does a great job of using his creative skills to set up yungheir's own little world. The setting is either taken in this dark underground parking lot or this simulation that appears to be a forest, symbolizing that he truly is in his own zone. The visuals have a very cybernetic feel to it as it shows a bunch of coding effects and texts. They did this to show that yungheir's talent when it comes to music is coded within him and isn't just your run of the mill. They also emphasize adlibs and lyrics throughout the music video by showing them up as text messages or coding. It definitely adds a nice touch and more energy to the visuals. It's all very entertaining and fascinating but words can only describe so much, it's something you have to see for yourself.

It's great way to get introduced to yungheir's music and @heartmarko's work. It's currently racking up thousands of views so go see what the hype is about. Anyone who appreciates good music videos better appreciate this work of art.


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