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Clouty Sends a Message with his Track “H8EVRYBDY”

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

If you're really tapped into the underground then you've probably heard of the upcoming genre "emo plugg". Well one of the main founders of the genre, Clouty, recently dropped a track pushing the new wave. It's called "H8EVRYBDY" and is one of his best tracks yet.

The track is produced by Storm! who did a great job in capturing the whole emo plugg vibe. Beautiful piano instrumentals paired with that light trap sound gave Clouty the perfect base to plant his emotional vocals. The track itself is a strong message to everyone in general. He's basically saying at the end of the day it all comes to you and you can't depend on anyone else. There are times when you realize the circle or environment you're in is just full of fake people who only want your clout or success. When you're an upcoming artist like Clouty this tends to be a common situation. That's why sometimes it gets to a point where you just wanna say "Fuck it I hate everybody!". Even if you aren't an artist, this could easily be relatable to most who've ever dealt with snakes.

It's a great track overall and one I highly recommend if it's your first time listening to Clouty. Make sure to check out his other work and tap into the emo plugg wave. If you wanna know more about Clouty and emo plugg click the links below to learn more.


Emo Plugg??

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