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Colion Made the Beat is About to Make his Way into Your Playlist

Colion Made the Beat is a multi talented upcoming artist coming from the east side of Indianapolis. Since 13 years old he's been making music and has shown over the years how he's perfected his craft. Thousands of people have tapped into this artist for his crazy versatile flows and you should too.

If you're a fan of Joey Trap or Dc the Don then you'll definitely love Colion. He's keeps everything upbeat and always moving. The majority of his music talks about his life and things he cherishes the most. Whether its in the form of hard trap or melodic heart touching songs he gets his message across whatever it may be. His music has always been an expression of himself which adds onto his talent of being able to put whatever he's feeling into a track. He's not afraid to put himself out there and this is why his fans relate to him so much. They can listen to his music and feel like they've gotten to know him in person. Lots of artists struggle to be genuine in a world full of clones but its clear to hear that Colion does not have that problem. He's able to write, produce, rap, and engineer which gives him an advantage on most of these one trick ponies you see in the underground. The way this artist stays dedicated to his work It's no wonder why people tap in.

Wanting his discography to be accessible for all, his music can be found on all platforms. He's even released music videos with tough entertaining visuals. With so much to offer Colion Made the Beat is definitely one artist you need to tap into. Click here to hear more from him - Colion Made the Beat


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