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Cxnner the next up producer in the underground

16 year old producer Cxnner is making big moves in the underground wave with his game changing beats and outstanding collaborations.

Heavily influenced by the sounds of producers like Zaytoven and Pierre Bourne, Cxnner has developed his own sound. With a variety of tracks already released by the young producer he continues to gather a larger audience just waiting for more of his music. Some of his top tracks include “Exendro” ft Xella, “Wife No Thot” ft Xella, and “So What!” ft Premekid. Listening to his beats it’s easy to realize why he’s a one of kind producer. He does his own thing instead of trying to be like everyone else and his genuineness of trying to be his best shows as it creates his unique sound. Each beat he produces sounds like it could be the start of a new hit song! Cxnner provides beats for the artists popping off in the upcoming underground wave as well. Collaborating with the likes of Starhart, Rockstarbeebo, and more it’s no doubt soon he will be seen as star in the underground community. Although he still has many years to go in his producing career it wouldn’t be surprise if in the future we see collaborations with Trippie Redd, Yeat, Ken Carson, and more amazing artists. His talent is limitless and will only continue to grow as he produces more crazy beats and masters his craft. Cxnner is definitely a producer you want to keep an eye on as he is still underground and upcoming but, will soon be seen as one of the next top producers of the underground wave.

To check out more of Cxnner click on these links

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