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Dive into some Ihatecashmo

Ihatecashmo is a underground artist hailing from Detroit. He's currently sitting at 120k+ plays from his discography and is still making numbers grow. With his own sound and hard work, he just might be the next underground artist to make it.

If you're a fan of the rage genre or a fan of artists like Dc the Don then ihatecashmo is a great recommendation for you. He's had plenty of experience when it comes to music, making it for 2+ years and already starred in music videos. He's got a contagious rockstar flow that you feel in every track. His most notable tracks are "Beelzeka$h", "p!tchblckvrtx", and "gLOSTAR". They have proved to be some of his best work and for good reason. His music are for those who are here for a fun time not a long time. It's gets your spirit rising and ready to take on anything.

There are more and more artists getting less and less attention everyday so do no let ihatecashmo be one of them. He's ready to take on the underground and give it it's own twist. All he needs is the audience and with his platforms like Instagram already reaching past 1k, you might as well be the next supporter to put on this up and coming artist.


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