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Don’t miss out on Bandanna$aint’s Come Up

Bandanna$aint is recognized as a artist most likely to succeed from the underground. The Philadelphia born rapper is known for his "geeked up" personality and nonchalant flows. Already developing a cult like fanbase, he's owned the red triangle emoji "🔻" by having his fans use it as a sign of support since it reflects his image. With all this positive attention stacking his growth comes large clouds of negativity. Audiences these days love to label the majority of underground artists as SoundCloud rappers, but he's here to change that narrative around his name.

He's racked up thousands on thousands of plays, dropping unfailing bangers, and has released multiple respected projects. His most recent project, "Saint Day !", just adds on the plethora of proof in his discography that show why he isn't your typical artist. He's on the come up along with other rising stars with similar sounds from collectives like Opium and RR. Although similar, he's still far from what most haters claim him to be which is a Carti clone of some sorts. He is nothing but genuine when it comes to his music because at the end of the day, he's only making it for himself and those who enjoy it. Like I mentioned before he has this nonchalant flow and voice that I find very unique to him only. When you listen to his music it's almost as if you're there with him. Easy to follow and vibe with, it's clearly understood why his supporters consist of those who live a "high" life. Playful adlibs and creative bars make his flow like water, always able to just go with the beat consistently. With his undeniable talent and skill when it comes to music, it's exciting to see what will become of this influential artist.

I wouldn't be surprised if you become a fan of his work after listening to just one or two tracks. Other talented individuals such as Saint Klout, Cayo Banks, and Che have put up support for this artist by collabing with him, showing their belief in up n coming individual. Don't miss out on the next big wave and tap in with Bandanna$aint.

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