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Dunefr Hits the Lottery with “Seven Times”

Dunefr is a talented popping artist mostly known for his unique vocals. Not only does he have one of the most original sounds in the underground, but also the drive to use his gifts and reach his full potential. He has proven time and time again that when it comes to music there is no one making it like him. His latest piece of work “Seven Times” has shown his progression of his career so far and proves his unmatched skills even further.


“Seven Times” is definitely some of the best work coming out of his discography and does not disappoint. This album is one for the loyal supporters behind pushing the Dunefr agenda. Throughout the project he brings up those who have stayed by his side and how he’ll bring them along to the top. Making sure their support doesn’t go unnoticed, he lets them know that without them he’s nothing. While showing love he also makes sure to send a message to his haters and snakes. Bringing up multiple times how he’s been stabbed in the back, but instead of staying down he keeps going up. He makes them understand no one is going to stand in his path to success. The general meaning behind the majority of the tracks is that no matter what, he is going to continue to be himself, because that’s what he’s best at. Those who can’t accept that will jus have to move on because the hate will not bother him. The tracks are produced by seven9 who did a wonderful job. Dunefr and seven9 are a great duo that work together like pb&j. Smooth clean vocals mixed with bumping space like beats from these two creatives have made tracks ready to take you out of this world. There are plenty of times where they create moments of just pure hype together. Whether it’s the beat or the vocals, there’s going to be something for you to enjoy.

   The album has reached thousands of plays on platforms like Spotify and keep growing. Fans of Dunefr will absolutely love the album and if you aren’t a fan, you will be after listening. 7 tracks and 16 minutes long is time you will not regret using. To hear the album yourself click here - Seven Times


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