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Dunefr Next up Fr


Dunefr is one of the very few upcoming underground artists that is coming up with his new sound. He's been releasing music for about a year and has already shown why he deserves to be up next. Having tracks reaching thousands of plays and hundreds of followers on multiple platforms, his growth is on a successful path. His unique flow and choice of beats have made his style distinctive to him. His music has touched many and continues to slowly become a favorite of the underground.


The main thing that separates Dunefr from other artists is his voice. No artist mainstream or underground can compare to his vocals, sound, and flows. It's like trying to compare LUCKI's voice with any other artist, you just can't. Even though his vocals mostly stay the same, his music is very versatile. Plugnb, trap, and rage are just a few of the genres Dunefr has put his own little spin on. His wordplay is creative and sometimes even humorous leaving listeners leaving any track with a good time. A lot of his music focuses on good vibes and if you listen closely it's kind of motivational. He's always talking about getting to the bag to make his momma proud, not letting anyone stand in his way, and living life the way he wants to regardless of the judgment. The vibes given off in his music just make you want to get up and follow your dreams because if Dunefr is doing it then why aren't you?


Dunefr has the potential to become the underground's next big inspiration. With so many clones of rising artists, it's refreshing to hear a fresh, unique, and new sound. He plans on expanding his talent by starting to learn how to produce so he can put 100% of himself into his music. From there he plans to take over the underground game. With so much time and room for him to grow, it's exciting to see what's next for this amazing artist.

For more DuneFr click here: Dunefr


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