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Excite yourself with “Butterflies” By Lil Crestfallen Ft Austin Skinner

Lil Crestfallen is a dedicated, talented artist who recently dropped a track called "Butterflies". It features Austin Skinner and is a great way to get introduced to their sound if you haven't tapped in with them already. Let's talk a little bit about what makes this track so intriguing.

The track starts off with the beat playing for a little bit to help appreciate the instrumentals. It gives off a video game vibe as if you were getting ready to fight a boss so it definitely has that hype to it. It's well paced when it comes to flow, nothing to fast but not too slow either. The track itself is mostly about accomplishments and living a wild life from the perspective of these artists. The power that evokes from their sound is one of a kind. It brings a good pumped up vibe that can get you ready to start any day. If you're looking for music that makes normal tasks feel exciting then this is a track you need on your playlist.

If you enjoy the track make sure you check out more from both of these artists. They made a great pair when in came to cooperation on this song. Make sure you stay tuned to them and maybe expect another collaboration.

To hear the track click here: Butterflies


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