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Father Iconic gets Trippy with New Visuals for “CRY!”

If you're the type of person who likes to get faded and watch underground music videos then I have one to add to your playlist. It's called "CRY!" by Father Iconic and is definitely interesting to watch. Let me fill you in on why that is.

The music video has visuals every stoner can mess with. It's got plenty of effects so you're getting hit with something new each couple of seconds making it more intriguing as to what you'll see next. Even if you aren't a stoner, you can still appreciate the video for what it is and check out the unique textures, filters, and colors used to highlight him. His wardrobe choice makes it more interesting as well as he's dressed with a cape, which isn't a fashion choice used by most artists. Nonetheless he pulls it off with confidence so who knows, we might see a trend in capes coming soon. The track and music video are very well compatible, but the only critique I would give is more emphasis from him when it comes to reading out the lyrics. Other than that, it's an enjoyable music video best watched on the couch when needing that chill vibe.

I should have gave you more than enough reason to tap in and give this music video a chance. You'll definitely be seeing more of his work improve as time goes on so best to check him out before he blows up to claim that og supporter spot. If you see the vision make sure you show him the support you think he deserves!


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