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Fredotex Might be the Next Artist for you

If you're looking for an artist who actually cares about lyrics and meaningful messages within their music then I have the artist for you. Fredotex is a dedicated member of the underground community and safe to say a good friend to pages like Offrecordsounds and mine (WokeUpFucked). He's slowly breaking through the underground with his awseome talent and skill for wordplay and flow. Lets dive a little into his discography and breakdown what's so unique about his sound and words.

Fredotex has been making music for about 4 years and has used his experiences to learn and improve constantly. Having practiced and studied music for years, he's become excellent at being versatile by tapping into all sorts of genres. He can make happy, sad, turnt, or even romantic music. There's really no limiting him once he sets his mind on something. This is what makes his sound so different than most you hear in the underground. Most artists in that type of community usually focus on that super auto tune sound in order to sound like someone they're not. His approach is much more the opposite. Instead of flooding his voice with effects he keeps it mostly just him. No extras, no unnecessary noises, just Fredotex doing his thing on the mic. Old heads will be happy to know that not only is he versatile but also not one of these mumble rappers. I'd say the majority, if not all, of his tracks contain a strong message. Whatever he's trying to express in a track, he's gonn make sure you feel it. Like I've mentioned before, he makes sure his lyrics can be heard loud and clear so people don't make the mistake of sleeping on him. He's covered all sorts of topics that surround his life, good times and bad, and wants to share the world through his eyes. This is how you know when you listen to Fredotex, you're in for quite the experience.

An easy way to get introduced to his music and hear what im talking about is by checking out his recent EP "In 2 Deep". Its a rollercoaster of moods and beats that'll have you hooked. It's got tracks for the tough and emotional so no matter who you are, tap in with him!

To hear the EP click here: In 2 Deep


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