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Freshie Breaks in the New Year with “CrashOut”

Freshie starts off his 2023 with a insane music video for his track "crashOUT". The up next Ohio native recently released it on January 16 and is his first release of the year. It's a meaningful visual with a turnt up vibe from the track containing his unique "dirty" feel to it.

The video was shot by @heartmarko, edited by @johnnightt, and uploaded to Freshie's personal YouTube channel. First thing to note are the edits which are executed beautifully. Usually when you see a bombard of effects or transitions it can make a music video look messy, but not this one. Making sure Freshie stays the focus of attention, @johnnightt uses his editing skills to have the effects surround him instead of taking over the video itself. Whether it's him being silhouetted and having the backround change texture or scene transitions that keep the chaotic flow of the video, he manages to stay highlighted. The scenes themselves are worthy to get hyped over as some are highlights of Freshies most recent achievements. Moments like performing at Boxfest, other shows, and just being around loyal supporters were all captured by @heartmarko as to show This artist's upcoming journey throughout his music career. It's very motivational while also giving out a turnt up vibe.

He's already showing high expectations for what's to come next throughout his 2023 takeover. After tapping into this music video make sure to check out more of his excellent work. Regardless you'll definitely be seeing more Freshie everywhere!

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